Our Story
Our Story

We Are Connected

The Future of Music Experience

Music festivals will never be the same again. As we live every day, side by side with technology, it's just a matter of time before technology revolutionizes the way we enjoy music in a festival.

And that time is now.

We Are Connected is the most interactive music festival of the world. One of our headlining artists, DJ CNNCT has created a unique app, which will enable you to control the show, interact with fellow visitors on site and meet new friends. The ultimate dream set and corresponding spectacular visuals could be a reality through your connection to DJ CNNCT as he will allow you to be a director of your own experience. Come, join us, and create the memory of a lifetime!

Experience the MUSIC, experience the SHOW, and experience the INTERACTION, because WE ARE CONNECTED!

About CK Star Entertainment

Not your average Event and Entertainment Company

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CK Star Entertainment is an entertainment promoter highly adept in understanding customer's interests, building long-term relationships with partners, and creating exceptional experiences for corporate partners, sponsors, and ALL customers. Currently operating in Indonesia and Singapore, CK Star Entertainment looks to deepen its presence in South East Asia and bring an unforgettable CK Star Experience to customers around the region.

Formerly known as Mikie Star Entertainment, they have had a history of 20 years in the events promotion business in Indonesia under its belt, having worked with numerous artistes across multiple genres, ranging from Western, Korean Pop and MandoPop. They are working with ALDA to present We Are Connected INDONESIA, and bring a stellar lineup of world class DJs to you! As always, we strive to bring the Stars to You!

About ALDA

Starting their story 11 years ago in Amsterdam, ALDA is now a worldwide entertainment company on a mission to turn the world into one giant dance floor.

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Through their other offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Cologne, ALDA is bringing amazing shows to 40 countries worldwide. AMF, A State of Trance is and A Day At The Park are just few of their shows that embody storytelling through music. Now, working with CK Star Entertainment in Indonesia, ALDA is bringing the first ever 2 days of We Are Connected Indonesia to Bali, along with a stellar lineup of world class DJs.